Two Years With Blessings! 兩年滿恩典!

Posted: Nov 05 2014

It's been two years since our launch of as little as back in 2012 F/W.  There were full of different feelings while walking the path : Joy, worries, surprises, unexpected, etc, but I have to say, it's a Miracle that we can walk this far.  We will continue to design with our Love to children and bring love to our precious ones.  Thank you Lord!


as little as 推出市面差不多兩年了! 回頭一望,看到的是恩典,喜樂,亦有擔憂,驚喜,一些諗唔到會發生的。但能行都這一步,我認為必定是神的恩典,就好像奇蹟一樣的!我們會繼續努力,將神的愛放在設計裡,祝福我們珍愛的下一代!




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