About Us

As Little As is our premier brand which offers stylish and original children’s wear targeted at boys and girls from 18 months to 10 years old.  We are inspired by Matthew 18:3 in The Holy Bible, and hope to inspire everyone in our community – regardless of ages – to follow their hearts and dreams. This is what children do --- carefree, creative, innocent, and an enormous amount of love and fun.


This is very much reflected in our designs. Some of which are embedded with positive Christian sayings and teachings. Our silhouettes is classic, but always with an element of fun, whether it is perked up with modern twists and subtle details, or highlighted by turn-up cuffs, coloured linings and textured motifs, a little something to inspire children to spread Jesus’ love to their tiny friends, and develop their creative characters.

We understand that parents want nothing but the best for their children: the smartest designs, the finest materials, and the right style. Because as little as draws on the latest fashion trends, caring and design-conscious parents will no longer have to choose between stylish or comfortable.

That’s the very essence of as little as: helping you to express parents’ love to your little angels. We hope you will enjoy and love them as much as we have creating them.


Carefree, Creative, Innocent, and an enormous amount of LOVE and FUN!


why as little as?


The name was inspired by the Bible verse - 
"Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and
become As Little Children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of Heaven. "
— Matthew 18:3.



as little as 是一高端品牌, 為18個月至10歲的小朋友提供時尚、新穎的服裝。品牌理念源自聖經馬太福音18:3, 希望藉著品牌服裝鼓舞各小朋友、大朋友保持一顆「赤子之心」–– 一無掛慮、天馬行空、純真直率、滿有愛與歡樂, 去隨心而行、追求夢想。


設計師貫徹這種理念到服裝設計上, 將聖經的教導融入部分服裝中, 讓小朋友「穿福音、傳福音」。設計師把有趣的元素與傳統歐洲剪裁交織在一起, 無論是現代的變奏、低調的細節、拼布的摺腳、撞色的襯裡、紋理的圖案等, 都希望能激發小朋友的創造力。

身為父母的, 總想給小朋友最好的 : 最醒目的設計、最上乘的物料、 最合適的風格。 as little as 強調舒適與質量的同時, 亦緊貼歐洲最新時裝趨勢, 關心子女又愛好時尚的潮爸、潮媽,不用苦惱於時尚與舒適間作出取捨。

品牌以「愛」出發, 以傳遞父母的愛為己任。我們希望您同我們一樣享受及喜愛每一件服裝!


一無掛慮、天馬行空、純 真直率、滿有愛與歡樂


為何命名為 as little as?

品牌理念源自聖經 - 
「我實在告訴你們、你們若不回轉、變成小孩子 (As Little Children) 的樣式、斷不得進天國」
— 馬太福音 18:3