Privacy Policy

When you place an order, we need to collect certain personal details, but we want you to know that we respect your privacy and take very good care of that information. We never give your contact or payment information to third party vendors, associates or service providers unless we absolutely have to in order to complete your transaction. Please note, AS-LITTLE-AS.COM will never ask for personal details via email so if you get an email asking for that info, it’s not from us! Please ignore it and contact our Customer Service team immediately.


We make a big effort to keep your information safe, but we need you to do your bit too. The fact is, no information is invulnerable to compromise so you need to be careful. Keep your password to yourself and be sure to sign out of your account when using a shared computer.


By visiting AS-LITTLE-AS.COM, you are agreeing to the way we do things and all the details in the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please contact us at




我們希望您知道,as little as尊重您的私隱和個人資料。我們會小心處理您下訂單時所提供的個人資料,並不會將您的聯絡資料及付款資料提供給第三方供應商、聯營公司或服務提供商,除非必須要這樣做才能完成交易。
敬請留意!as little 不會發任何電子郵件詢問個人資料,如果你收到一封來自我們的電子郵件,詢問您的個人資料,這斷不是我們的,請忽略它,並立刻聯絡我們的客戶服務團隊! 

我們會盡最大努力以確保您的資料安全,但亦希望您能在這方面略盡綿力。因為沒有資料是牢不可破的,所以你必須要小心 — 不要透露密碼給第三者;使用公用電腦時,確保已退出您的帳戶。
在您使用as little as.com時,代表您同意我們的運作模式、私隱政策及所有條款及細則。如您有任何垂詢,歡迎電郵致 聯絡我們。